Provides services in Drilling, Well Services and Composite Repair Solutions.
SGM Oilfield Services is in full readiness to provide the equipment and qualified personnel necessary for the provision of services such as Coiled Tubing, Snubbing, Well Freeze operations, Surface/Subsea Hot Tapping operations, Well Cementing, Gate Valve Drilling, LN2 supplying and pumping, Drilling Waste Management and Drilling Fluids. The company has the opportunity to mobilize these personnel and equipment in the shortest possible time.

SGM Oilfield Services is official distributor of 3X Engineering in Turkmenistan which is a leader in pipelines maintenance with the composite technologies. We are able to quickly operate onshore, offshore and subsea to reinforce and rehabilitate pipelines suffering from corrosion defects and mechanical damages. SGM Oilfield Services has valid contract with Dragon Oil for Nitrogen supplying, LN2 Pumping services and provision rental services of Nitrogen storage. SGM Oilfield Services has experienced staff, certified tools and equipment which is giving us opportunities to meet our clients requirements