SGM Oilfield Services is a official distributor of 3X Engineering service company in Turkmenistan.
3X Engineering is one of the leading pipeline repair companies using composite technology. Mainly, operating oil and gas industry, experience also includes the energy, transport and construction sectors.
3X products are certified by Bureau VERITAS, TUV, ABS, Lloyd’s Registry and private laboratories of well-known oil companies.

Pipe Repair

Reinforcekit 4D
Designed according to ISO 24.817 & ASME PCC-2 international standards, Reinforcekit 4D is a composite wrap repair system for pipelines and piping suffering from various defects (external corrosion, internal corrosion, severe abrasion, erosion, pitting, mechanical damages, dent, crack, leak, through wall defects, weld defect, pinhole…). Made of Kevlar tape and epoxy resin, this solution is engineered to restore pipe original integrity without shutdown. It is an alternative to metal clamp, welded sleeve or pipe replacement.
Reinforcekit 4D is used for gas pipe repair, oil pipe repair and water pipe repair(onshore/offshore/subsea).

Tank Repair

Tankit & Reinforcekit Patch
Tankit and Reinforcekit Patch are two composite patch repair systems for damaged tanks and vessels suffering from internal or external corrosion and leaking defect.
Tankit is an emergency solution ready to be used in specific cases.
Reinforcekit Patch is the solution for a lasting tank reinforcement and can be applied in all conditions after engineering and calculations.

Support and Pipe protection

Rollerkit is not only a preventive system for corrosion under support (CUS), but also a curative system that repairs the pipeline support thanks to the combination of three components (pad, fiberglass and epoxy resin).
Rollerkit can be installed both on support (any kind of pipe support) or on pipe (diameters from 4’’ to 56’’), whether they are new or old installations.
Rollerkit is a preventive and curative repair system for corrosion under support, to be installed both on support or on pipe.
Depending on the level of corrosion, Rollerkit can be applied directly on pipe for superficial corrosion.

Leak Sealing

Stopkit is the most efficient repair in the world able to seal a leak online in few minutes.
It stops various types of leak (oil, gas, water …) on pipe diameters from 4’’ to 56’’ and is also applicable on specific geometries (oval pipe, elbow) and irregularities like welds.
This patented product is an emergency and temporary system and is available under several models (depending on pipe and hole diameter) and for various environments (onshore, offshore and subsea).
Pressure up to 80 bars can be stopped for hole diameter inferior to 10mm (patch size 50x100mm). In case of hole diameter up to 50mm, leaks can be sealed up to 30 bars (patch size 100x100mm). The installation can be done without shutting down the line pressure.

Flange Repair

Reflangekit concept is based on a double shell system that encapsulates the leaking flange. The first shell made in PVC will cover and protect the flange and collect SF6 leaks. The second shell made in PET will contain 3X specific resin. An exhaust valve allows the gas getting out during resin injection. After overnight curing of resin, the valve is closed and sealed.