In recent years, there has been a tendency for the level of the Caspian Sea to decrease, which in turn imposes restrictions on the ability of cargo carriers to operate at full capacity. ES "SGM" takes a serious initiative, carrying out work to deepen and expand navigation channels and berth areas of the ports of Turkmenbashi, Khazar and Aladja. The main equipment used in dredging operations is a completely new dredger from the world's leading manufacturer DAMEN type CSD-500 with a capacity of 4000 m3/hour. Highly qualified personnel with experience have been recruited to carry out dredging work. The Company’s policy also provides for improving the qualifications of its employees through training.

Considering that the pace of dredging work must be increased for the timely commissioning of offshore facilities, which in turn will increase the throughput of turkmen ports and affect the economic performance of the entire industry, SGM plans to purchase another new CSD-650 type dredger by the end of this year. This dredger has a capacity of 7000 m3/hour. The simultaneous operation of an entire dredging fleet allows us to achieve success in this direction as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thus, the approach channel of the port of Turkmenbashi, with an increase in width, will be able to accommodate large vessels with an average deadweight of 5,000 tons instead of the current 4,500 tons of deadweight. With the increase in carrying capacity, the price competitiveness of shipping lines will improve. Tangible benefits will be defined as a reduction in shipping lines' costs for fuel, crew, and management per freight ton. Tankers flying the State Flag of Turkmenistan will benefit more than others. Double-pass traffic during the expansion of the canal will allow ships to pass through the slot of the Krasnovodsk Spit without waiting. Accordingly, the charter tariff for the waiting time of ships flying the Turkmen flag will be reduced compared to the existing single-passage traffic.

In the port of Khazar, the deepening and expansion of the existing shipping canal will allow ships to be loaded as much as possible with equipment and other necessary supplies for delivery to oil fields, which will help increase the production of hydrocarbons. It is possible to deepen the approach channel to the ferry pier of the city of Khazar in order to use the Turkmenbashi-Khazar sea route (communication), a social project that will open passenger and cargo sea transportation between these cities. At the moment, the dredging fleet of the SGM enterprise is carrying out work in the port of Aladja. At this stage, work is underway to deepen the maneuvering zone and the berth area, which will allow tankers to safely use full draft to fill with more raw materials than at any previous time. After deepening and lengthening the approach channel of the Aladja port, which is the next stage of the dredging work of the SGM enterprise, hydrocarbon exporters will have the opportunity to charter and fill tankers with a carrying capacity of up to 13 thousand tons versus 6 thousand today. The dry cargo berth of the port of Aladja will also be used, which can be used as a terminal for general, bulk, container and other cargo.