LN2 Pumping & Supplying

SGM Oilfield Services is proudly dealing with the local customer needs since its establishment in 2017 in the Oil and Gas field and offers various types of Oil and Gas services, such as:

  • Nitrogen Supplying
  • LN2 Converting & Pumping
  • Storage Tank Rental
  • Well Service
  • Manpower

Nitrogen is one of the primary products in the oil and gas industry, from the initial drilling of the well to the delivery of the finished product via pipeline, truck, and train to the user. Nitrogen is being used in operations such as:

  • Downhole
  • Pressure Maintenance
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Well Completion / Workovers
  • Gas Lift
  • Purging
  • Under Balanced Drilling

Gate Valve Drilling

Gate Valve Drilling Process A new gate valve is nippled up directly to the seized gate valve along with a riser (housing the cutting bit) to the gate valve drilling connection. The system is then filled with cutting fluid & pressure tested. The cutting bit is advanced with rotation and the gate of the seized valve is breached. Once a pressure change on the pressure gauge is witnessed, then the cutting bit is reversed back into the riser and the new valve is closed. The operating or third-party company can then nipple up to the valve & pressure can be bled off, circulated or bull-headed to gain pressure control.

SGM Oilfield Services – Hot-tapping Capabilities

  • Gate Valves – 3M, 5M, 10M – 2-1/16” to 5-1/8”
  • Clean scale
  • Mill BPV’s
  • Mill VR-Plugs
  • Run brushes to clean up recesses
  • Run magnets to catch any objects in the wellhead

Well Cementing

SGM Oil & Gas performs the following activity types:

  • Cementing all types of casing strings and liners
  • Engineering services for cementing of capital strings and liners
  • Installation of cement bridging
  • Isolation mix injection during squeeze cementing in wells
  • Cement stone buildup behind casing strings
  • Process injections of corrosive and non-corrosive process liquids

  SGM Oil & Gas has modern cementing fleets for "on call" activities, and fleets for acid treatment and well cementing in conditions of autonomy.